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Professional Nurse Staffing Agency

Lend A Hand Staffing is a Professional Nurse Staffing Agency that has dedicated themselves to offering excellent nurse staffing solutions for nursing homes and other facilities in Illinois. With years of experience tending to the elderly, we make sure to assign compassionate individuals who have the expertise and knowledge you're looking for. We specialize in providing personnel with a background in Alzheimer's disease and dementia care.

At Lend A Hand Staffing nothing matters more than your health and well being. We've been there for our clients as a comprehensive, friendly and professional Nursing Agency. We shape our caregiving services based on what our clients, and their health professionals, want and need. Get in touch and see what we can do for you or your family members today.


LEND A HAND STAFFING provides these services to facilities:

  • RN

  • LPN

  • CNA

  • Skilled Nursing Care


Lend A Hand Staffing offers Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia Care seminars.

Alex, Client

I have had the opportunity to utilize your services for our temporary staffing needs. I was very satisfied with the quality of care and professionalism your staff provided. Thank you for assisting with our staffing needs.

Morgan, Client

I have worked with numerous nurse staffing agencies. Lend A Hand Staffing has by far exceeded my expectations. The staff that are placed are competent and very hard working. Our residents and staff love our Lend A Hand Staffing family.

Hope, Employee

I have worked for Lend A Hand Staffing for over two years now. The personal attention I have received sets them apart from any other agency. I have had many new nursing opportunities and gained valuable experience. 

Better Care Starts Here!
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